Russian School of Austin

Основатель: Мария Бондаренко
Год основания: 2000
Russian School of Austin

Контактная информация

Адрес: Остин
, Техас

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Про уроки

Формы уроков: Офлайн, Онлайн
На какой часовой пояс рассчитаны уроки: США / Канада
Предметы: арт-мастерские (рисование, лепка, вязание и т.д.), иностранные языки (не английский, не русский), история, книжный клуб / интерактивные чтения, математика, музыка, раннее развитие, русский язык, спортивные секции, театральная студия / актерское мастерство / сценическая речь / ораторское искусство, физика / химия / лаборатории / опыты, шахматы

The Russian School of Austin is a non-profit organization driven by professional enthusiasts who are passionate about the Russian culture and language in particular.
Austin Russian School has been around for over 20 years. The school was originally founded by the Russian Speakers society to preserve culture and language among our compatriots. At the moment, about 200 students aged from 2.5 to 15 years are studying at the school.

Every Sunday, the school opens its doors to children and their parents and offers about 100 different classes. In the classes 30 teachers work with higher education and many years of experience working with children. Anyone can visit the school, meet with teachers, school administrators, talk with parents of students, and attend a trial class.

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